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SEMPER: Slow Fashion this way

In this modern age everything is fast: consuming is fast, love is fast, food is fast, promises break fast.

Environment is at risk: little girls and boys have been doing an amazing job raising awareness and spreading their eco sustainability ideas all around the world, showing their will to make a positive impact on the society to fight global warming with strikes and talks.

Good fortune is that great people will always be born.

Semper want to make an impact too, by joining several causes and helping others' efforts.

In fact, Semper will devolve part of the profits to support a different trusted organisation every year.

Follow this blog and at the right time you will find news.

Semper stand also for fair wages, good manufacturing practices and work conditions. This is why suppliers are carefully chosen from countries that protect the same beliefs by law.

The impact Semper will also contribute to produce is on quality before quantity.

Better conditions at work and environment friendly standards are priorities before margins.

No overproduction stocked, no energy waste, Semper will select and release only few designs every year.

As a tree, Semper will grow with its time and no rush, in balance with everything else. To inspire your life.

Fortitude and Beauty in your decisions are synonyms of style, Semper.


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