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SEMPER VITRUVIAN WOMAN - 501 years from Leonardo Da Vinci's birth, a special design for you

Leonardo di Ser Piero da Vinci was born the 2nd of May 1519. He would soon become a great master of painting, sculpture, botany, as well as science, music, mathematics, geology, astronomy, engineering, anatomy, astrology, palaeontology, cartography... and creating hundreds of inventions linked to these disciplines that would change forever the world he was born in and make it more similar to the world we live in today.

Among his studies and incredible drawings that he left us there was the Vitruvian Man, in ink and paper. This illustration had indications of perfect proportions of the human figure, and was inspired by the studies of architect Vitruvius Pollione. Today, after more than 500 years from that lucky moment of history, we want to share with you a drawing made in 2009, inspired to it and for this reason named 'Vitruvia'.

Leonardo would have probably appreciated the perfection of a woman as much as the man he depicted, being an artist such sensitive to beauty.

In the Semper replica, available in the first collection, not only a woman is inscribed in a circumference, but also her butterfly wings are inscribed in a square.

Noted in a bended calligraphy, mirrored, we find:

'Fierce and perfect creature,

Warden of mortal life,

Sovereign of strength,

Grace and dream enclosed in a body.

The capability to fly.

Fragile and fundamental gear of cosmic mechanism'.

Thank you Leonardo for your inspiring life.


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