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The Idea

The founder and designer has joined several collective exhibitions as painter in her area of origin, central Italy, while studying for her degree in Economics.

She has later approached digital design without compromising on her aesthetics and taste developed throughout the years.

After a Master in Branding in London and after working in Advertising, she decided to become an entrepreneur and place in the market a Fashion label that aimed at being both conservative and innovative at the same time.

All designs reflect the passion for classic painters, techniques and  a timeless elegance of movements and shapes, to inspire consumers to express the self, to dream but also dare in real life. 

The brand

Semper is a brand that understands its customers seek for eco sustainable beauty and durability, and live choosing carefully what is best for them and others.

Semper will promote:

  • Recycling of existent materials;

  • Sweatshop Free, using suppliers with transparent working conditions and fair treatment, opposing outsourcing from far away emerging countries to reduce carbon footprint and impact on climate change;

  • Lowsumerism, for conscious and moderate acquisition of new goods;

  • Slow fashion: quality and authenticity with less collections.

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